The Pinkvilla Fashion Review : Rustom

Akshay Kumar and Ileana D'cruz starrer Rustom, that released this Friday, has been getting a mixed response from critics and fans. But, being fashion fanatics we could not help but notice all the outfits everyone was wearing in the movie.

The film is set in the late 50's and early 60's, when India had just got independence and the British culture had not quite left the nation, and it was clearly reflected in the way people dressed.

Era of the late 50's and early 60's will remind you of men in suits and pants and women in their  elaborate saris and poofy dresses.

Hair was shorter and hems were longer. Sweetheart and Bardot necklines, which have had a major revival, were a hot and new trend back then.

So, here is our take on the fashion in Rustom and how you too can take inspiration from it in 2016.

Akshay Kumar's style 

Though Akshay is wearing his uniform for the most part of the movie, the style he is seen sporting is ever so classic, that it certainly does not feel like it is a different era. Since, he was a naval officer, the theme of his outfit was nautical. From classic aviators and polo shirts to chinos and black suits, Akshay looks dapper and handsome as ever.



One particular look I really liked as this: 

Ileana D'cruz's style

Good, clean and wholesome could sum up all of Ileana D'cruz's looks. Bright colours, midi dresses, 3/4th sleeve blouses and elaborate saris, dungarees, bell bottoms, block heels and big pearl earrings - Ileana wore it all. Ironically, the retro era has had a comeback, so her outfits would pretty much be on point even today.


What we liked, in particular, was the fact that she wore bold prints and colour clash outfits like parrot green dresses and bright purple heels. 

Ileana D'cruz's cocktail gowns proof that classics really are classics for a reason and will never-ever go passe'. 

Esha Gupta's style

Esha's styling in the movie was rather disappointing. Her outfits looked like costumes for a show! Some of the outfits looked loud, obnoxious and dismayingly uncomfortable. Kudos to her to carry them off as well as she could. 

One particular outfit you must keep an eye for is a beautiful houndstooth peplum dress with a slashing neckline. 


Sunglasses game on style: 

Retro sunglasses have always been statement pieces and this movie sure has made the most of that! Look out for the variety of cool sunnies everyone is sporting! 



Hair and Makeup :

From short waved retro hair, bright lips, to rouged cheeks and perfectly  winged liner the movie captured the 60's makeup look perfectly!



Out and out the movie's fashion was a healthy mix of hits and misses. 

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