Design Student Killed A Friend By Putting Poison In Her Cup Of Iced Coffee!

It was supposed to be a chilling moment for a group of friends but somehow it ended in a tragic incident as one of them was killed after she was poisoned from drinking a cup of an iced coffee. 

The footage of the crime reveals that a woman named Jessica Wongso gave a cyanide-laced coffee to her long time friend identified as Mirna Salihin who was with her classmates at the Billy Blue Design College in Sydney. 

The reports showed that Wongs was the one who organized a meeting with Salihin and another friend named Boon Juwita at the Olivier Restaurant in the Grand Indonesia mall when this incident happened. 

Salihin was given her favorite drink, an iced Vietnamese coffee. 

When the woman started drinking, "This is not really good. This is awful." Salihin exclaimed. 

After two minutes of drinking the cup, she passed out. Her head suddenly fell to the back of the sofa. Foam started to come out of her mouth along with a blank look on her face. 

Wongso is now facing charges in Indonesia for the murder of Salihin. 

Based on the investigation, this happened because she was seeking for revenge. The autopsy reveals that the amount of cyanide in the iced coffee at 298mg caused the overdose for Salihin's size.