'Pokemon GO' Team Leaders Revealed During San Diego Comic-Con Panel, Legendary Giveaway Was Only a Rumor After All

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Sorry guys, the Legendary Pokemon giveaway at today's San Diego Comic-Con Pokemon GO [Free] panel ended up being nothing but a rumor, to the disappointment of thousands of attendees (yours truly included). Everyone knows by now that the game is a worldwide phenomenon that's been dominating popular culture. It should come as no surprise, then, that a panel focusing on the game took place today at the famous, and huge, Hall H at pop culture central, San Diego Comic-Con. Everyone attending (including me) expected (hoped?) that the developers would give out something special during the panel, and there were rumors definitely swirling about a massive giveaway.


For instance, I had Staff members tell me that they knew for sure some kind of Legendary Pokemon giveaway was going to happen, and the only thing left to find out was how it was going to be done. Most of the over 6000 people in attendance seemed to be ready to grab that new Legendary, and there was a pretty energized atmosphere as we were waiting for Niantic's president, John Hanke, to talk for a bit before pulling an Oprah on us and giving out a Legendary Pokemon. Alas, it was not to be as the panel came and went with no giveaway despite a member of the audience asking Hanke directly whether we were getting one.

Most of the information we got about the game was topics we've already talked about - like future plans for trading and improvements to Pokestops and Gyms - but what was new was the reveal of the three Team Leaders, Candela for Team Valor, Blanche for Team Mystic, and Spark for Team Instinct. According to Hanke, the three leaders were just outlines at launch because the team didn't manage to finish them on time. As you can see from the image posted above, Candela and Blanche look pretty cool while Spark, well, not so much. A number of people on Twitter are already making fun of poor little Spark. So, no Legendary, but at least we got to see something new.


Overall, Comic Con was literally full of people playing Pokemon GO. Everywhere I looked, people young and old were holding their phones in hand and looking for Pokemon and Pokestops. People would even decide where to sit in a room depending on what Pokestop they could reach from their seat, and I even saw people walking up and down aisles while panels were in session hunting for Pokemon. I've heard people claim the game is already in decline, but what I can tell you from what I experienced these last five days is that I've never seen a game be so popular with so many different kinds of people. I hope Pokemon GO continues to be as big as it is because it's really a breath of fresh air in social gaming and has the potential to get even better.

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  • Sikuzo

    As if they would giveaway a legendary Pokemon...It was too good to be true, baited people to go to their panel >.>

    • EZ Ice

      Isnt the whole game based on baiting? cant be mad now...

  • Gray Games


  • ChaosProdigy

    Out of 7 friends and coworkers playing it since launch only 3 play now, 4 quit because no story line whatsoever, no trading no pvp vs other people around you and the servers so bad. It's a game that wasn't ready for launch, not even close. They can't even finish 3 static pictures before launch, what a joke.

    • ChaosProdigy

      I don't count gyms as pvp since it's vs computer and is just a button mash

      • speedyph

        U can never keep u humans happy u want so much for a free game SMDH

  • baldeagle86

    Poor Spark, team yellow can't catch a break.

  • Roleki

    Has anyone considered that perhaps Pokemon GO was the success that no one at Pokemon/Nintendo/Niantic expected and that Nintendo maybe didn't even want? I'm sure they're all happy with the revenue boost, but Nintendo are probably more interested in how this will affect Pokemon Game/DS sales. As the Pokemon Co. own the IP, future development of Pokemon GO depends on them and Nintendo, not Niantic, so the future for Pokemon GO may not be as bright as we're all expecting. I'm a huge fan and avid player of Pokemon GO, and hope I am wrong, I really do.

    • hellscaretaker

      or maybe this will be a wake up call for Nintendo in how once they ruled the market with the console mobile gaming. They need to jump on the mobile gaming band wagon or be left behind.

    • hoodwinkedfool

      Yeah Nintendo never even mentioned it during any mobile forecasts for stock holders. They're more excited about their Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games for mobile.
      This game's success is a fluke and its worrisome that Nintendo didn't expect it.

      • nini

        I'm less worried about the fact they didn't see it coming and what they plan to do to take advantage of it. Problem is that whole "didn't see it coming though everyone else did" aspect so they might drop the ball again in the delusive idea their hardware is the only kind that matters.

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