Out of the Box Desserts Book GIVEAWAY!

This Domestic Rebel Giveaway retails at over $250 and is filled with all of my favorite baking essentials and my new cookbook, Out of the Box Desserts!Hey friends!

I am so so so so so very excited for today's post… because it's a GIVEAWAY!

Who doesn't love free stuff!? And this, my friends, is totally FREE to YOU if you enter! Easy peasy, right?

So if you didn't know, I started writing my first-ever cookbook, Out of the Box Desserts, back in January… and I finished it in March. Don't even ask me what happened from mid-January to mid-March because I haven't the faintest idea. A meteor could have taken out half of Antarctica and I wouldn't have found out about it until April; I was so engulfed in sugar, flour and butter.

But now my sweet sugary baby is HERE and I couldn't be more excited, proud, humbled…and did I say 'excited'? Because I am 🙂

So before I bore you to tears with my sapfest about my book, let me just give you some quick pointers, mkay?

  • The book has a color picture for every recipe. It was imperative to me that every recipe had a photo!
  • There are 100 recipes in this book, one to suit nearly every particular taste, season, holiday, etc.
  • The book consists mostly of recipes that doctor up mixes (such as cake mix, brownie mix, cookie mix, etc), but there are some completely homemade recipes in there, too!
  • Most of the recipes have helpful hints and tips corresponding to the recipe at hand, like how to use leftovers of a certain ingredient, or how to switch up the flavor for next time.
  • And the book will be released officially next Tuesday, August 2, 2016!!

And okay, let's get to the GIVEAWAY, right!?

Here's what's in store for you!

Domestic Rebel GiveawayA glorious basket FULL of my baking essentials, plus some fun staging goodies, too! 🙂

Here's the breakdown:

Domestic Rebel GiveawayA signed copy of my book, Out of the Box Desserts (of course)…

Domestic Rebel GiveawayA cutie scalloped cake stand, an ice cream cone timer, cupcake liners, SPRINKLES(!!), two glass milk bottles (for staging and for drinking, obvi!), piping bags, and two of my most-used, favorite piping tips: #1M and #6B.

Domestic Rebel GiveawayA set of measuring spoons, a cookie dough scoop (for perfectly portioned cake batter/cookie dough, but you can also use it to make meatballs!), a sifting wand (a necessary luxury you didn't know you needed), and the CUTEST cake server EVER.

Domestic Rebel GiveawayA silicone baking mat (essential for amazing cookies!), a trio of rubber spatulas (easily my most used kitchen tool!), a whisk, and liquid measuring cups that stack to save space!

Domestic Rebel GiveawayA 12-cavity muffin tin, a 9″ square pan, a 13×9″ rectangular pan, an insulated cookie sheet, and the coolest, handiest conversion wooden cutting board!

AND – since I'm a brand ambassador for Krusteaz, they are also providing a wonderful sampler pack of mixes for you to try! There's Belgian Waffle mix, cookie mixes, and muffin mixes to choose from!

KRUSTEAZ GIVEAWAYPHEW. That's a lot of stuff!

And it's valued at over $250!

Ready to enter!? ENTER HERE:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And that's it!

Before I sign off, I just want to say thank you! to the amazing folks who have already ordered or purchased my book, and for those who will purchase it in the future, and to those of you who entered my giveaway! I truly hope y'all love the book because I put my heart and soul into every piece of it!

Have a super sweet day, and GOOD LUCK! (Contest ends at midnight on 8/3).

xo, Hayley

*this giveaway is sponsored entirely by me, except for the Krusteaz prize pack, which was graciously provided by Krusteaz. Giveaway entries for US residents only. Giveaway starts at midnight 7-26 and runs until midnight 8-3. Retail value is over $250. Any questions, email me!

NOTE: some comments are moderated before they go live. Rest assured, if your comment doesn't immediately show up, it WILL show up once I approve it – within 24 hours (or less). Please do not leave duplicate comments! Thanks!

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