Oklahoma City's downtown streetcar logo and design unveiled

Oklahoma City's future streetcar system will add a splash of color to downtown, with the six cars sporting shades of redbud, Bermuda green or clear sky blue.

"It will be bold and modern," said Jason Ferbrache, administrator of the city's transit system.

The colors, logo and general brand identity were revealed Wednesday by transit officials who said they sought a look that tied into the existing Embark brand.  

Construction of the 4.6 mile streetcar line is to begin later this year and when finished in late 2018 will connect downtown's central core with Bricktown and Midtown.

"We can now focus on a communication plan," said Michael Scroggins, a spokesman with Embark, which oversees the city's buses and bike share program. "When we talked to other systems … they said you need to start communicating early."

Tied to transit

The Portland-based design firm Spoke was the principal designer of the brand and said they were seeking a contemporary look that tied into the city's larger transit identity. 

"Oklahoma City is a youthful city," said Brian Kerr, principal of Spoke. "We want to make sure that as you have the colors going through the urban landscape they really stand out."

The paint scheme of the cars intentionally does not cover the windows and a white space in the center allows for advertising. But transit officials said advertisements that include a complete wrap of the car would be considered.

Design praised

Members of the MAPS 3 streetcar committee praised the look during a meeting Wednesday and said it brought the system closer to reality.

"We've traveled all over the world looking at streetcar systems and this is completely unique," committee member Jeff Bezdek said. "I have personally not seen in the physical sense or a picture that resembles this in any way."

A presentation from engineers at Wednesday's meeting stated construction of the streetcar maintenance facility was scheduled to begin next month and rail would begin to be laid in the street as early as November.

Portions of the route in Bricktown, along Broadway and in Midtown would have overhead wires. But the streetcar will run on battery power through the downtown core where the route will be wireless.

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