Mercedes shows off 130 years of design

Mercedes-Benz was founded 130 years ago, but the car company is very much looking to the future. The brand held a one-day exhibition celebrating years of iconic design in Paris, which harked back to classic designs. But the star of the show was Mercedes' new concept car which, the company says, shows they're setting out plans for the next 130 years. SOUNDBITE: Mercedes-Benz France Marketing Director, Stephane Boutier, saying: "The idea is to show future generations what we're capable of and this car, called the Concept Vision Tokyo, which was launched and presented at the end of 2015 was aimed at targeting the Z generation in particular, the children who are 20 years old today. It was to show the new design of vehicles and to have a completely connected car, which enables us to cater to the needs of this new generation." The Mercedes-Benz brand was born in Germany in 1886, when the founders Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler produced a 'motor wagon', the first automobile of its kind. A visitor to the exhibition said it was clear to see that the brand's innovation has continued ever since. SOUNDBITE: Exhibition visitor, Robin, saying: "It (the exhibition) allows visitors to see where the brand comes from, its origins but also the direction they're going towards, their ambitions and how they imagine the future of the automobile, with electrical or automatic pilot technologies. So it's a brand that will never stop going as it has since its first day." Certainly, all indicators show this iconic brand is not likely to go into the slow lane any time soon.

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