Luxury fashion shows become all about the location

This luxe location is perfect for Dior's Resort collection.

With news buzzing around designers and their current Cruise/ Resort collections, there is no surprise that many articles about these fashion shows are surfacing. One trend with these collections appears to be location. Such designers as Chanel and Fendi spend immense amounts of money on magnificent locations to showcase their designs.

Chanel seems to be the brand that started this trend. Chanel has shown collections in areas all over the world. From Shanghai to Cuba, Chanel has made a statement with their sites of choice. A key player in Chanel's grand fashion shows is Karl Lagerfeld, the brand's creative director. Lagerfeld loves a good spectacle, so planning them is in his blood.

In order to ultimately out-do one another, the largest fashion houses continuously try to choose a more stylish or remote location than the last. Even though these shows are incredibly expensive, there are many reasons the top brands continue to participate in them. Relocating allows the brand to run the show completely on their own. They do not have to be tied up by the traditional fashion capital schedule. Also, traveling abroad for a show allows the brand to try to enter a new market. When Fendi hosted a show on The Great Wall of China, the brand made a statement about the growing of the luxury market in China.

Fashion shows continue to become more and more elaborate. New and fresh locations are just another way to keep fashion interesting and exciting. Even though a brand may spend 1.4 million or more to host a show abroad, the spectacle is always worth the price.

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