design advice on bathroom cabinetry

We are doing a complete Master Bath gutted remodel. Going for a pretty Midcentury Mod/ Scandinavian Mod look.

We are having a nice 7'4" vanity built - that will be floating, with walnut slab doors and drawer fronts and a Cesarstone white-tone countertop. On the opposite wall, facing the vanity, will be the door to the walk-in closet and there is a 26" x 32" space just waiting to be used.

Since we are keeping the area over the vanity free of cabinetry, we could use some extra space - for linens, laundry basket, etc. I'm talking to the carpenter about building another cabinet in this space and am a little perplexed on design.


* not floor to ceiling, since the rest of the look is lower profile and above the ground

* dresser height (4 to 5 feet tall)? with room for flowers, pictures, etc.

* to tie it in to the other cabinetry, use the same Cesarstone top - I wondered about waterfall?

* door/ drawer design - something on the order of a chifforobe or short armoire? I was using the MCM ones on West Elm as inspiration (of course not as wide):

Here are a few images of the space in question:

The wall for the vanity:

The space in question:

And a wider view of that wall showing the available space, door to closet, shower opening:

I so appreciate and welcome the advice! I'm on my own on this one!

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