Vietnam’s first-ever gold medal comes in dramatic fashion – at the host country’s expense

(Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Brazil won its first medal of the 2016 Rio Olympics Saturday afternoon when Felipe Almeida Wu took the silver medal in the 10-meter men's air pistol competition. But the host nation came excruciatingly close to its first gold.

A rowdy atmosphere at the Olympic Shooting Center for the finals only added to the drama between Wu and Vietnam's Xuan Vinh Hoang, who were pitted against one another during the final shots of competition. Wu took the lead in come-from-behind fashion and the raucous pro-Brazilians fans stood on their feet chanting "Wu, Wu, Wu" before both prepared for the last shot of the event.

But after Wu registered a 10.2 on the target, Hoang stared straight ahead without a hint of distraction. He then fired a near bullseye and scored a 10.7 to become the first Vietnamese athlete ever to win a gold medal at the Olympics. Here's video of the dramatic final moments (while it's still available online) …

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