Top Five Fashion Bloggers you should follow on Instagram to get stylish!

Instagram is a fun and alternative way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. This app says more than words. Apart from moments of life that people capture and share on Instagram it is also a pot-boiler of fashion statements.

When it comes to fashion, there's hardly anything which is not updated on Instagram accounts. All the new fashion trends are posted here by fashion buffs.
So here are some of the top fashion bloggers who always post some new trends, style and will tells you the best ways to carry the outfits in a new way.

 1. Chiara Ferragni is amazing Italian beauty behind the popular fashion blog "The Blonde Salad".

       India Tv - Chiara Ferragni


 2. Gizele Oliveira is a gorgeous model from Brazil. She brings the best of runway and street styles through her blog.

     India Tv - Gizele Oliveira


 3. Ayushi Bangur is a beauty blogger from Mumbai who gives the newest fashion glimpse to the world of style.

       India Tv - Ayushi Bangur


 4. Vishakha Bhaskar is the blogger behind the fashion blog 'Love Them Curves'. She always updates her Instagram with new trends and fashion and gives an insight to best to the world of fashion, style and accessories. Follow her to look stunning as her.

     India Tv - Vishakha Bhaskar



A photo posted by Vishakha Bhaskar (@love.them.curves) on

 5. Akanksha Redhu is a fashion blogger from Delhi. Her Instagram account will tell you how to pair different trends together.

     India Tv - Akanksha Redhu


     All these are the best bloggers that are ruling this world of fashion 

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