Prior Design Makes F01 BMW 7 Series Look Modern and Elegant

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In all honestly, we don't have a clue what the tuning industry is good for these days. However, this tuning kit from Prior Design is a very welcomed update for an old BMW that deserves it, the previous 7 Series flagship limo.

The fact that it's codename is F01 should tell you something: that this is the oldest of the previous generation cars. That means it came before the F30 3 Series and the F10 5er sedans.

After the disastrous Bangle design era, the Germans experimented with a new language. But they made the headlights a little too big and the overall proportions kind of chunky. Over the years, they corrected it with black chrome and spoilers, but the all-new 7 Series arrived and made this one look incredibly outdated.

Prior Design usually focuses on the widebody look. But here, they just wanted to add modern touches. So the old bumper came off and was replaced by one that looks just like the one on the 4 Series Coupe. Squint and you'll see it!

Gone are the chrome strips and fog lights in the bottom of the bumper, replaced by big intakes with black honeycomb grilles and connected in the middle.

At the back, the Prior Design treatment includes a revision of the bumper with added diffuser elements and the obligatory quad exhaust system that every BMW should have.

The parts can be ordered separately, but we figure the whole package for €3,600 is the smart choice to make. Of course, that's not all you see here. New wheels have been installed, as well as a suspension lowering package.

If you look inside, the two-tone leather will get your attention for sure. This brown and black Alcantara combination might seem more at home on an SUV, but it certainly doesn't clash with the white paint.

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