Naked fashion model in Times Square dances and screams about Donald Trump

Naked Man in Times Square Dances and Screams About Donald Trump

Since "America's Next Top Model" hasn't made the jump to VH1 just yet, an aspiring model did the next best thing to get noticed: he made a naked spectacle of himself in Times Square.

The man, Krit McClean, gave an unsanctioned peep show, getting on top of the bleachers in the center of Times Square.

McClean then began dancing and screaming about Donald Trump.

The "show" lasted for about 90 minutes as onlookers stared in disbelief, with cameras on hand, of course.

McClean provoked the cops by spitting at them and kept screaming, "Donald Trump, where are you?" and dancing erratically.

He eventually jumped off the awning onto a blowup cushion police had placed below.

However, McClean missed it and hit the ground instead, injuring himself. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

But before he did that, he shouted that he loved fashion photographers Bruce Weber and Mario Testino and proclaimed he was a virgin and that he loved his mom.

Still, McClean must not have given too much about how she'd feel about her son screaming naked in Times Square.

See photos of some of our favorite supermodels below:

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