Marvel Heroes 2016 Random Hero Box Giveaway

GameSpot is giving away thousands of Random Hero Boxes. When you redeem your code, you'll open this box and receive a randomly selected hero. You have an equal chance of receiving any hero, including one that you may already own. If you already own the hero you receive, you can use the token to upgrade that hero's ultimate power.

Suit up as Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Deadpool and more than 50 other playable iconic Super Heroes and Super Villains in Marvel Heroes 2016, the critically acclaimed action-RPG from Gazillion. Traverse all corners of the Marvel Universe, from the mean streets of Hell's Kitchen to the godly realm of Asgard, through a story told by one of the most popular Marvel writers of all time, Brian Michael Bendis. Play as nearly every character and experience every playable environment for free!

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