19th bike giveaway provides 100+ free bikes to Dauphin County kids


MIDDLETOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – Enjoying summer is like riding a bike: You never really forget how.

But for some Midstate families, finances can prevent them from pushing off on two wheels. That's where a Dauphin County community advocacy group pedals in.

"The more kids, the better," said Margaret Moore, who volunteers with Youth 10X's Better and helped register kids Saturday for free bike drawings.

At Wesley United Methodist Church in Middletown, 8-year-old Amanazim Faisal won a free two-wheeled ride. Her mom, Saima, was pretty excited.

"We came here new last year," she said, "so she really wanted to bike with her friends."

This summer, she can, thanks the advocacy group. "We're looking at giving away at least 100 bikes," Moore said.

Rev. James Lyles runs Youth 10X's Better; he tallied the number closer to 112 donated new bikes to give away. He's been doing this for 19 years for families who can't necessarily do it themselves.

"They take that money and put into the house and put it into groceries," said Lyles, who runs other youth programs through the church. "So this is a way to bless the whole family."

Smiles reverberated like music around the parking lot, notes of summer in the air, as Dauphin County third-graders and older celebrated their work.

"We verify the report cards that they have no grade lower than a 'C,'" Moore said.

"Kids getting rewarded for hard work at school," one parent said. "That's the best part."

The reward itself isn't so bad either.

"I'm feeling so blessed that I came to America," Faisal said, "and I'm feeling so proud that everyone is so helping and kind here."

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