Kids' good deeds rewarded at annual Sun Youth bike giveaway

CTV Montreal
Published Wednesday, May 25, 2016 10:20PM EDT
Last Updated Wednesday, May 25, 2016 10:21PM EDT

More than 100 young people were rewarded for their good deeds in the community at the Sun Youth annual bike giveaway Wednesday.

In 32 years, the non-profit organization has given new bikes to 1,500 children, all courtesy of an anonymous donor known only as Mr. Spokes.

"He's a gentleman that when he reached the age of 60, he said he's done well in life, he doesn't need any Rembrandts, instead of taking, he wants to give back," said Sun Youth co-founder Sid Stevens.

The bikes go to kids of all ages, who are all very deserving, said Stevens.

"They have to have done something in order for us to give them a bike," he said.

Two boys were nominated by their mother after their family welcomed a family of Syrian refugees into their home and the older boy gave up his room to a teenaged girl.

"Because sharing with someone else is a nice thing to do," said Marwan Wahbeh, who received a bike.

The brothers then decided to share a room and to add a bunkbed so one of the refugee boys could stay with them.

"My boys told me not to worry, that they would share everything with their guests," said their proud mother Amel Mebrouka.

Eliote Boudreault, 11, gave his birthday money - $100 - to an organization in Africa that helps underprivileged children, inspiring other children to donate, too.

"Sometimes I feel bad for kids who have nothing and it feels good to offer them something," said Boudreault.

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