Giveaway Alert: Win the Teen Choice 2016 Gift Bag, Worth Over $1,000

You too can be a star!

Win the same bag John Cena, Victoria Justice, Keegan Michael Key, Anthony Anderson and more received at Teen Choice 2016. Be sure to tune in for the show Sunday 7/31 at 8/7c on FOX!

How to Enter

1) Leave a comment on this post telling us which TV show or movie you think was the best written this past year!
2) Feel free to leave multiple comments!
3) When leaving your comment(s), make sure you are logged in using a valid email address! We will contact the winner via email next week.
4) You must live in the continental United States and be 18-years-old or older to enter. You have until midnight PST Sunday, July 31, 2016.

This prize includes:

  • ACTON Blink Board – ACTON Blink Lite was delicately engineered to be the lightest electric skateboard available in the market, weighing in at a sheer 7.7 lbs. From cruising down boardwalks to skating a few blocks to the corner store, Blink Lite is the most satisfying and fashionable way to get around. No skateboard is included in this prize. Winner will receive a t-shirt.
  • Anki OVERDRIVE – Featuring tech so advanced that it feels like the future, Anki OVERDRIVE is the world's most intelligent battle racing game where you use your mobile device to take control of robotic Supercars on tracks you construct in seconds. Whether you battle A.I. opponents or friends, your tactical options are unlimited as you customize weapons, swap out cars, and build new battlefields; there's always a reason to come back for more!
  • HaulsTV – HaulsTV: What's Hot, What's New, What's Next and get it. The 1st social shopping experience.
  • HaulsTV will be distributing round towels by Pixels – Pixels has revolutionized the way that artwork, home décor and apparel are bought and sold around the world. With a few clicks, artists and photographers can upload their images to Pixels, set their prices for all of our available products and instantly sell to a global audience of online buyers.
  • Healthy Craft Services – Serving organic, plant-based snacks, drinks, and superfoods out of a Tiny House on Wheels. Available for productions and events.
  • JCPenney – For men, an Xersion Lightweight Full-Zip Tricot Jacket with stylish sleeve piping, available in an array of colors. For women, an Arizona Women's Twill Anorak Jacket with a drawstring at the waist to give a lean silhouette, available in an array of colors and junior plus sizing. Winner will receive one jacket.
  • Lipault – 30" wheeled duffle. Lightweight and foldable, the Lipault wheeled duffle folds flat for easy storage.
  • Marchon- Designer eyewear by Marchon.
  • MCFADIN – Handbags, luggage & accessories handmade in Texas by two sisters, Stacy & Laurie McFadin. Winner will receive a purse.
  • Merge VR Goggles – The Merge VR Goggles are a vessel that will transport you into another world. Slide in your smartphone and let the Merge VR Goggles take you anywhere via virtual reality.
  • Segway miniPRO – The Segway miniPRO is not a hoverboard — it's the next step in the evolution of personal transportation. Powered by Ninebot & Segway technology, the miniPRO is a hands-free, two-wheel electric scooter with safer features, higher speeds and longer battery life. A Segway miniPRO is not included in this prize. Winner will receive a t-shirt.
  • ThinkGeek Star Wars R2-D2 Bluetooth Speakerphone – This R2-D2 Bluetooth speaker allows for hands-free calls or playing music. It even plays movie sound clips when the device is switched on, when pairing is completed, and when turned off.

Also included:

  • Abella Skin Care, Inc – ColorShade SPF 35 is the perfect combination of broad spectrum sunscreen, color and moisture available in 4 different tints to accommodate any skin type.
  • Hasbro – Standing nine inches tall, these DREAMWORKS TROLLS dolls feature fluffy, fabulous TROLLS hair and removable outfits for oodles of hairstyling and high fashion fun! Collect six characters including POPPY, BRANCH, HARPER, GUY DIAMOND, MADDY, and DJ, each sold separately.
  • Hempz – NEW! Hempz Daily Herbal Body Moisturizer and Dry Oil Body Spray with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 are lightly scented, weightless daily moisturizers that help hydrate, protect and improve skin's overall health and appearance. Enriched with 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil and our Signature Citrus Fruit Complex, these perfectly-balanced formulas not only moisturize the skin, but also help protect against the effects of daily elements and sun exposure.
  • Iceland Glacial – Natural spring water from Iceland.
  • Kathryn Orford's Become your #1 Fan: How to Silence your Inner Critic and Live the Life of your Dreams – Finally after all the buzz on "The Law of Attraction", Kathryn Orford gives us the missing link; the real "secret" to manifesting all of our dreams. This book is a game changer – Dr. Sugar Singleton Marcy, Cellular Memory Expert, Author and International Speaker
  • Red Coat PR – Featuring best-selling Young Adult authors in multiple genres including; romance, fantasy, steam punk, paranormal and horror. Available in print and at all major e-book platforms.
  • Thera Cane MAX Trigger Point Massager – Treat yourself to deep relief from painful, knotted, spasmed muscles. This amazingly simple yet effective self-massager makes it easy to apply pain-relieving deep compression directly to hard, knotted "trigger points" anywhere they occur – breaking up tension even in the hardest-to-reach muscles between your shoulder blades!
  • The Zeitgeist – The Zeitgeist is a contemporary brand that celebrates everything of the now. The first line of graphic tees includes exercise, humor, and definition collections.

Items in photo subject to change based on availability — some colors and styles may vary. Courtesy of Backstage Creations.

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Marvel Artist Complains After 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Giveaway Uses His Work

"Seriously, is a thank you and a note of credit pushing it?" asks Bill Sienkiewicz, who painted the Dazzler artwork used in a Comic-Con promotion.

An attempt to promote the upcoming digital release of this summer's X-Men: Apocalypse has gone awry when a fan giveaway at San Diego Comic-Con led to a beloved comic book artist publicly condemning 20th Century Fox's efforts.

Bill Sienkiewicz, known for work on such Marvel titles as X-Men spin-off New Mutants and Elektra: Assassin, took to Facebook to complain after discovering that Fox was giving away limited edition promotional replicas of an album cover used as a prop in the movie, using artwork he had created three decades earlier. Previously unaware of the promo item, he discovered its existence at Comic-Con itself when fans asked him to sign them, he explained.

"I've been doing this comic-book thing for years. I'm aware most everything is Work-Made-for-Hire," Sienkiewicz wrote on his post. "Still, I received no prior notification (a common courtesy), no thank you (ditto), no written credit in any form whatsoever either on the piece or in connection with the premium, absolutely no compensation and no comp copies of the album. It's like two losing trifectas wrapped in an altogether indifferent f--- you."

The artist, who originally created the image as part of a cover for Marvel's Dazzler No. 29 in 1983, in collaboration with Marvel's in-house designer Eliot R. Brown, went on to say that he had to be physically restrained by colleagues from "making a scene" at the Fox booth during the show about the giveaway.

"Am I over-reacting here?" he continued. "Do I have the right — at least on behalf of fellow creators — to, at the very least expect decent treatment and some kind of minuscule, even boilerplate, acknowledgment? Asking that they part with a few coins, a few shekels, is insanely naive and hilarious I know (Would be a nice gesture, though, and go a long way in soothing my mutant Polish artist rage), but seriously, is a thank you and a note of credit pushing it?"

The comments section of the Facebook post is worth investigating, given that it contains responses from other artists and comic book professionals agreeing that Sienkiewicz is owed credit, at the very least; of particular note are comments from Harley Quinn co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti that "this is all on Marvel who sold [Fox] the rights, and obviously didn't pay you or even let you know it exists," and artist Mike Collins, who notes, "I thought Marvel's thing was they could use your art with impunity if they use — is it less than 90%? — but if they use the whole thing, you're due."

Curiously enough, the Dazzler album doesn't even appear in the theatrical cut of X-Men: Apocalypse. Instead, it had been used in a tweet promoting the movie by star Sophie Turner, with the still originated in a scene cut from the finished movie where the young Jean Grey (Turner's character), Scott Summers (Tye Sheridan), Jubilee (Lana Condor) and Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) abandoned the Xavier School for a trip to the mall.

Neither Fox nor Sienkiewicz have responded to a request for comment.

X-Men: Apocalypse will be released on digital HD Sept. 9.

X-Men: Apocalypse

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Prepper Book Festival 12: DIY Solar Projects + Giveaway

Dozens of readers have asked about DIY solar projects and until now, I have had very little to offer.  That has changed. As you will see below, the latest entry in the Prepper Book Festival is flat out fantastic.

DIY Solar Projects: How to Put the Sun to Work in Your Home by Eric Smith is a full-color DIY book with lots of pictures, lots of diagrams, and lots of information.  Interested in building a real, wood-encased solar oven (and not a tin-foil and cardboard mockup)?  Eric will show you how using common materials available at most hardware stores.  Ditto a solar still for turning bad water into safe drinking water.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many other projects, both small and large, that will set you on the path to generating power from the sun, one way or another.

I believe you will find this paragraph from the introduction educational:

The term "solar power" is really a bit misleading. Solar power is not just big arrays of solar panels. There are two essential strategies for harnessing solar power. The first uses photovoltaic cells to convert light to electricity; depending on the size and number of panels, cells can power anything from a pocket calculator to an entire city. However, the basic building block— the cells— have to be manufactured.

The second type of solar power involves concentrating and converting sunlight to heat; the technology to do that is simple enough to be understood by children, relatively inexpensive, and very DIY friendly.  If you can glue aluminum foil to cardboard or cover a wooden box with a piece of glass you can make a working solar collector and start saving real money immediately.

In typical Book Festival fashion, I share an interview with Eric (be sure to read about the new book he is currently working on), and have three copies up for grabs in a giveaway.    Enjoy the interview then be sure to check in below to learn about the giveaway.

An Interview with Eric Smith, Author of DIY Solar Projects

Tell me about your book.  What is it about?

The book is part inspiration for people interested in solar power, with photos and descriptions of buildings, cars and even planes powered by solar energy, and part practical guide, with basic, DIY solar projects that anyone with tools and basic skills can build.

What type of research did you have to do while writing your book?

I spent a lot of time reading through catalogs from solar suppliers to get a better understanding of what's available for DIYers, and also read a lot of how-to manuals, mostly online because the information tends to be a little more up to date there.

Every book, fiction and non-fiction, includes a message.  What message do you hope my readers will take with them after reading your book?

There are really two types of solar: There's expensive, hi-tech solar like solar panels, which require sophisticated science and manufacturing and usually need professional installation, but there's also lower-cost, DIY solar like solar water heaters that you can put together in your garage using basic materials from the local home center.

You don't have to save for years or wait for tax rebates and loan programs to take advantage of solar power – you can get started right now, without spending a lot of money.

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I worked as a carpenter and contractor for 20 years in St. Paul, MN, and as a writer and editor for home improvement magazines and publishers for the last 12 years.

I spend most of my free time fixing my house, gardening, making stuff or procrastinating. I also do as much hiking, camping and kayaking as I can.

As an author in the survival, prepping, self-sufficiency or homesteading niche, what are you personally preparing for?

The happy day when my three children are self-sufficient and can survive on their own. After that, I hope to build a small, solar-powered off-the-grid cabin near Lake Superior, where I'll never have to worry about running out of water.

What would be your first prep-step if you were just getting started?

Learn as much DIY as you can and buy lots of good tools, so you can stop hiring people and start making and fixing on your own. Gradually you'll gain the confidence and capability to take on any challenge. You may not ever do it, but it's very empowering to know that if you had to you could build a house with your own hands and make a life for yourself and your family.

What movie do you think gives the best portrayal of what could happen?

Soylent Green.

Do you have plans for another book?

I'm currently writing "Lost Skills of the 19th Century," which is a selection of how-to literature from the 19th century with links to the complete books. It covers everything from pioneer skills like tracking, repairing a covered wagon, rounding up cattle and digging a well to balloon framing, old cooking techniques, forgotten crafts and games, gardening – and even dancing and etiquette.

It's part how-to, part history and part entertainment.

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?

Move north. It's cooler and there's more water.

The Giveaway

Eric and his publisher have reserved 3 copies of DIY Solar Projects in this newest Book Festival Giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The deadline is 6:00 PM Pacific Tuesday with the winners notified by email and announced on the Rafflecopter in the article.  Please note that the winner must claim their book within 48 hours or an alternate will be selected.

Note:  This giveaway is only open to individuals with a mailing address in the United States.

The Final Word

When it comes to putting the sun to work to save money, I have a wee bit of personal knowledge.  I have a small set of solar panels from Harbor Freight, a Sun Oven, and portable solar panels to charge my electronic devices and light sources.  My home in Arizona is also solar powered but it is the "tied to the grid" type.

In spite of all of that, I still need to learn more and suspect you do as well.  In reviewing this book, I don't know what is more valuable, the step by step photos or the easy-to-understand instructions and explanations.  Either way, if you have any interest at all in solar, you are going to love this book.

For more information about the books in this latest book festival, visit Prepper Book Festival #12: The Best Books to Help You Prepare, Stay Healthy and Be Happy.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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Spotlight:  .DIY Solar Projects: How to Put the Sun to Work in Your Home

Advances in solar technology have made many DIY-friendly products available to consumers. These include solar water heaters, solar battery charging stations, solar powered lights, photovoltaic shingles that provide supplementary electricity, solar heat pumps, and solar panel kits that generate primary home electrical service.

Among the step-by-step projects in this book is a solar water heating system you can build and install yourself for under $1000; simple thermosyphon solar heat collectors for barns and outbuildings; or "heat grabbers" that you can fabricate for $50 in materials and position below a south-facing window to provide auxiliary winter heat.

Bargain Bin:  For your convenience, here is a complete list of all of the books in BDS Prepper Book Festival 12.

Survival Fiction

The Borrowed World: A Novel of Post-Apocalyptic Collapse
The Winter Fortress: The Epic Mission to Sabotage Hitler's Atomic Bomb


5 Gallon Bucket Book: DIY Projects, Hacks, and Upcycles
Be Your Own Herbalist: Essential Herbs for Health, Beauty, and Cooking
DIY Solar Projects: How to Put the Sun to Work in Your Home
Mason Jar Nation: The Jars that Changed America and 50 Clever Ways to Use Them Today
Mother Earth News Almanac: A Guide Through the Seasons
A Prepper's Cookbook: Twenty Years of Cooking in the Woods
The Complete Guide to US Junk Silver Coins (2nd edition)
When There Is No FEMA: Survival for Normal People in Very Abnormal Times
Coloring Flower Mandala Postcards: 20 Hand-Drawn Designs for Mindful Relaxation
The Zika Virus Handbook
The Survival Doctor's Complete Handbook
Book 8: Alcohol Mantle Lamps (The Non-Electric Lighting Series)
Preppers Armed Defense


Plus: The Preppers Guide to Food Storage

No list of books would be complete without my own book, The Prepper's Guide to Food Storage.  The eBook is only 99 cent plus the print version is available for less than $6.00.

Shop the Emergency Essentials Daily & Monthly Sales for Fantastic Deals!

For over 25 years Emergency Essentials has been providing the highest quality preparedness products at great prices.  Plus, each month they feature sales that quite honestly are fantastic.  This month note the great sale prices on Mountain House and the gear you need to cope with any type of disaster.

Emergency Essentials carries a wide variety of equipment and supplies – all at competitive prices.


Need something from Amazon (and who doesn't)?

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Amazon has a feature called Shop Amazon - Most Wished For Items. This is an easy tool for finding products that people are "wishing" for and in this way you know what the top products are.  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen.

The Amazon Top Most Wished For Emergency and Survival Kit Items
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Bug Out Bag - Get Home Bag Supplies
Amazon Gift Cards

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Third Edition:  The SURVIVAL MEDICINE Handbook

A frequent question I get on Backdoor Survival has to do with healthcare matters when there is no doctor around. This is the definite source of survival medical information for all Prepper's and is my go-to bible for survival medicine.

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Crave giveaway: Sony HT-XT1 to boost your TV's sound

Congratulations to Mark K. of Ashburn, Virginia, for winning a Piper DIY computer kit for kids last week, and to Jaque R. of Phoenix for winning five films on Blu-ray the week before that.

This week's winner gets a Sony HT-XT1, a slim pedestal sound bar you place under your TV to boost the sound from your set's built-in speakers. The gadget includes three HDMI inputs and built-in Bluetooth with NFC support. It's easy to hook up and simple to operate, and it plays loud without distorting, says our CNET reviewer Ty Pendlebury.

"Sony's HT-XT1 sound stand is packed with features, looks sleek, and sounds great, making it a no-brainer upgrade over your TV's built-in speakers," he writes. It's designed for TVs with screens of up to 55 inches that weigh less than 66 pounds.

So how do you win a HT-XT1 worth $299.99? Our makers of rules have handed down a few, so please read them carefully.

Sarah Tew/CNET
  • Register as a CNET user. Go to the top of this page and hit the "Join CNET" link to start the registration process. If you're already registered, there's no need to register again.
  • Leave a comment below. You can leave whatever comment you want. If it's funny or insightful, it won't help you win, but we're trying to have fun here, so anything entertaining is appreciated.
  • Leave only one comment. You may enter for this specific giveaway only once. If you enter more than one comment, you will be automatically disqualified.
  • The winner will be chosen randomly. The winner will receive one (1) Sony HT-XT1, for a total retail value of $299.99.
  • If you are chosen, you will be notified via email. The winner must respond within three days of the end of the sweepstakes. I f you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen.
  • Entries can be submitted until August 1, 12 p.m. ET.

And here's the disclaimer that our legal department said we had to include (all caps for extra legality):


Marvel Heroes 2016 Random Hero Box Giveaway

GameSpot is giving away thousands of Random Hero Boxes. When you redeem your code, you'll open this box and receive a randomly selected hero. You have an equal chance of receiving any hero, including one that you may already own. If you already own the hero you receive, you can use the token to upgrade that hero's ultimate power.

Suit up as Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Deadpool and more than 50 other playable iconic Super Heroes and Super Villains in Marvel Heroes 2016, the critically acclaimed action-RPG from Gazillion. Traverse all corners of the Marvel Universe, from the mean streets of Hell's Kitchen to the godly realm of Asgard, through a story told by one of the most popular Marvel writers of all time, Brian Michael Bendis. Play as nearly every character and experience every playable environment for free!

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Design your outdoor living space without breaking the bank!

GoGo Design Group

It's not hard to imagine spending more time outdoors during the summer months. GOGO design group is in the spirit of outdoor living space design full force! How great it will be to finally set up YOUR outdoor living space…and at a reasonable cost! The design marketplace has made it so easy to implement, it almost feels like instant gratification. Retail stores such as Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and CB2 are now offering sophisticated outdoor furnishing design at budget friendly prices for all personal styles. Outdoor use fabrics, rugs and accessories have never been more sophisticated, and offered at such good pricing.

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Xbox Design Lab: How to Get a Custom Xbox One Controller

Truth is that the design of a video game console isn't nearly as important as the device you need in your hands to interact with it. The video game controller has gotten many iterations over the years; Microsoft's Xbox consoles have come with more than a handful on their own. At E3 2016, Microsoft unveiled Xbox Design Lab. This addition to the Microsoft Store takes first-party controllers to a place they haven't been before.

Xbox Design Lab lets Xbox One or PC gamers design their own Xbox Wireless Controller. Shoppers don't get to add their own texture to the controllers, but they do get to decide what color combinations work best for them or choose from a stable of pre-made designs. Following the launch of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller last year, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft went experimenting with controllers again. The Xbox Elite Controller was expensive, but allowed hardcore Xbox gamers to add paddles, personalize their joystick surfaces and remap buttons. The Xbox Design Lab controllers bring that same experience to a less hardcore crowd.

Xbox Design Lab

Read: Xbox Design Lab Brings Custom Controllers to All

Xbox Design Lab Details

The process of creating a custom Xbox One Controller starts with the Design Lab website. Available at, the site provides an editor for cycling through all the options that are available. Microsoft says there are 8 million color combinations in all.

Anyone can design a controller absolutely free, then save their design and share it with their friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Xbox Design Lab orders start at $79.99, $20 more than the regular $59.99 price of an Xbox One Controller, for that one the controller that they design. What's more, it takes time for Microsoft to have the controllers made. As such, Xbox Design Lab isn't a convenient place to turn to if you need an immediate replacement for the controller that came with your console. Adding a laser engraved message or gamertag to your controller costs $10 more.

The display box for Xbox Design Lab controllers.

The display box for Xbox Design Lab controllers. ArsTechnica

Unless a controller is defective, shoppers can't return a controller they get from the website. Design Lab purchases come in a box meant for putting them on display.

Creating a Custom Controller in Xbox Design Lab

Xbox Design Lab doesn't let you choose every nook of the controller to customize. That'd be a logistical nightmare for the company and time-consuming for buyers. Instead, all the color choices are handled by regions.

The body, back and bumpers of the controller make up the important regions. In addition to those, you can decide on a directional-pad, thumbsticks and main controller buttons. The site offers different colors for different parts of the controller. Because of this, all colors aren't available on all parts of the controller.

It takes about seven different steps to create a controller in Xbox Design Lab. Plus a few more to pay for it. Payments are handled by the Microsoft Store. Microsoft warns that the final colors might look slightly different from what users see on the site because there's no way to account for the color temperature of their display.

Shipping from Xbox Design Lab varies, it seems. Right now, Microsoft says that anyone who orders from the online shop will get their controller sometime in September.

How Xbox Design Lab Xbox Controllers Are Different from What You Already Have

The controllers that users get from Xbox Design Lab aren't based on the original Xbox One Wireless Controller. Instead, they're based off the new Xbox One controller Microsoft is including with Xbox One S.

They've had their sharp lines and angles streamlined. Equally as important as the color upgrades are two big changes. These new controllers have textured grips that make them far easier for gamers to keep in their palms. Also, Microsoft is eager for PC users to not need the Xbox Wireless Adapter it just released last year. These controllers have Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which makes them great PC controllers in addition to console controllers. They still work with the Xbox One's own communication standard too though.

XBox Design Lab 2

Microsoft boasted of longer battery life for this new Xbox One Controller design too, but no one outside the company has been able to put those claims to the test.

Buyers can only change the colors of their joysticks, but they aren't detachable like the Elite Controllers. There's no way to add paddles or a hardware switch for maintaining different profiles either.

Why You'd Want to Order a Controller from Xbox Design Lab

The hard truth is that, as with the Elite Xbox One Controller, no one actually needs to place an order from Xbox Design Lab. Microsoft has plans to sell the new Xbox One Controller on its own in white soon.

The reason users will and should turn to Xbox Design Lab is the easy, quick process that the site offers. Other companies allow you to wrap or customize your controller, but having Microsoft do it cuts down on shipping time, costs and keeps your warranty intact.

Xbox Design Lab is for die-hard Xbox One fans. They're going to love this.

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